Founded in 2020, Badass Tents is disrupting and revolutionizing the rooftop tent category through its patented designs and durable Made in the USA quality components. The tents integrate with vehicle roofs to provide better performance and aesthetics in transit and when fully deployed. Badass Tents (also known as BA Tents) are field-tested under real-life scenarios in the mountains, desert and at the beach near the company’s San Diego headquarters. Learn more at BadassTents.com.

Others would say it this way:

“Over 71% of all camping participants choose to primarily sleep-in tents. On average, camping participants will travel an average of 136.8 miles to reach their final camping destinations, of which 68% will bring their spouses and 65% will bring their friends.”

- The Outdoor Foundation

Camping is one of America’s favorite outdoor activities and we’re proud to make camping and exploration success by maintaining a level of safety and comfort.


To make camping set-up focus on the fun to be had, no matter what your outdoor lifestyle or activity is.

To make hitting the road faster, no matter what your outdoor lifestyle or activity is.


We’re a bunch of likable, sports-driven, fun junkies with enough extra passion to set our sights on new ways of thinking.

We’ve raced with the best; we’ve helped greats perform better and now we’re here for you with new patent-pending technologies not seen before in the camping world and it’s all manufactured here in the good old USA (oh yeah!).

We’re friends who can’t get enough daylight hours or open spaces, so we decided to engineer and build from the ground up some kick-ass fun gear. We have heart and definitely independence, so here are our really good people, check ‘em out.

Our Technology is Patent Pending

Let's face it, if you have a great idea,
the world will follow you to the campground, the track meet, Baja or wherever your wheels are pointed. So it's worth making yours before the goodness can be shared. We leaned on some trusted friends ears and their advice was to talk to someone smarter than we are. They said, get a patent because it's really that good!