At Badass Tents we're excited to raise the bar amongst our own family with the introduction of yet another class-leading roof top tent. BOOM! This beast is the world's lightest, slimmest hardtop roof top tent on the market today weighting in at 113lbs and 4.85" tall fully loaded! Need we say more?

Made in the USA, this Onyx Black utility case style clamshell roof top tent, easily fits on most vehicles with roof rails or roof rack. And... then we've developed custom mounting applications (look below) that mount it 1" above the roof of the vehicle to keep wind drag and noise to an absolute minimum and weight even less.

The RUGGED™ Roof Top Tent is designed to look like a tactical utility case on top of your rig. This models clambsheel design tilts up at one end and offers a 270-degree view towards the back and a full 360-degree view when purchased with the moonroof option. The RUGGED’s 4.85” tall ultra-low profile design is the lightest, thinnest hardtop rooftop tent on the market today at 105lbs (bare bones model) and will allow most vehicles to pull into residential garages and parking structures without having to remove the rooftop tent.*

The RUGGED isn't just a name... with its automotive grade plastics, laminated aluminum roof, heavy duty X-frame construction, industry-leading waterproof and UV resistant tent with ultra fine mesh windows we delivered for you. Bottom line... this RUGGED™ Roof Top tent is BADASS.

The Details

  • Built to fit most vehicles that have crossbar rails, or can be fitted with crossbar rails or on atruck bed rack.
  • The lightest, thinnest clambsheel hardtop RTT at 105lbs and 4.85” tall total height.
  • RUGGED military inspired styling available in Shadow Utility Black
  • Patented modular design with expert DIY assembly delivers quality at a lower price
  • Optional Patented UV moonroof offers a full skyward view
  • Large oversized windows provide an unobstructed 270-degree view to bring the outside in
  • Durable, micro-weave black mesh window screens keep bugs out and are fully water tight when zipped closed
  • OEM-style vehicle integration reduces drag co-efficiency and allows for garage entry
  • 90% recycled ABS hard-shell layering material offers earth-friendly fabrication
  • High-performance tent walls made of 400 denier 8oz waterproff and UV resistant modern nylon fabrics
  • Gas shock frame lift system allows for quick set up and structural integrity in all conditions
  • Two person + dog sleeping capacity (unless you get really cozy!)
  • 100% recycled thermal regulating/even mattress pad offers comfort and support
  • Fully integrated water-seal barrier system with water-shedding A-frame design
  • Coated and weather-resistant zippers with branded zipper pulls
  • Made-in-USA quality you can see, backed up by a 3-year warranty**