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Made in the USA, the tactically styled new for 2023 PACKOUT™ clamshell Rooftop Tent joins its siblings of “lightest & slimmest” soft top rooftop tent weighing in at only 100 lbs. and 3” tall.  With a 1 min set-up time, this waterproof 400D ripstop all-season tent (get a good sleeping bag for under 30°) is just big enough to store your sleeping bags with the included 1″ sleeping pad.  
The new integrated rainfly can be rolled up and clipped up when not needed, or pull it out when you need shade or rain coverage over the back door. Fits most vehicles that have a roof rack or crossbars that will support 100+lbs in transit + campers while stationary, and is backed by our 3-year warranty! Our optional ladder is a great add on if you don’t have a ladder on your vehicle.
This PACKOUT™ Tents uses our patented modular assembly method to save you freight shipping and labor by assembling it yourself using our step-by-step DIY instructions or follow the video online, should take 4-5 hours for most mechanically inclined adventurists with an electric driver and flat surface. If you have any doubts about your ability or have to ask, then please pay a little extra and buy pre-assembled.
Available in 2 sizes:
  • STANDARD Size has sleeping area of 45×78″ and fits 2 people under 5’10” without bending your knees. This size fits the roof line well for all Wrangler 2-doors, Grand Cherokee, Subaru’s, Rav4, Discovery Sport or any midsized SUV or sedan.
  • The larger HICAP size has sleeping area of 48×88″ and is great for anybody over 5’10” or for 2-3 people. We recomend HICAP for all trucks with cab height bed rack, 4-door Wranglers, 4Runners, Land Cruisers, LX460, Land Rovers, Vans or any other vehicle with a larger roof.
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Available in 2 sizes; STANDARD is great for 2 people under 5’10” and has sleeping area of 45×78″. This size is great for all Wrangler 2-doors, Grand Cherokee, Subaru’s, Rav4, Discovery Sport or any midsized SUV or sedan.

The HICAP larger size is good anybody over 5’10” or for 2-3 people and has sleeping area of 48×88″. We recomend HICAP for all trucks with cab height bed rack, 4-door Wranglers, 4Runners, Land Cruisers, LX460, Land Rovers or any other vehicle with a larger roof.

  • Made-in-USA quality you can see, backed by a 3-year warranty**
  • The lightest, thinnest clamshell tent on the market at 3” tall and 90 lbs.
  • Tactical styling using RHINOTEK® textured Rubberized Cover
  • Mika Gray Rip Stop 420D Nylon Oxford Fabric w/ Blackout internal coating
  • Ultra-slim 3” tall Extruded Aluminum Frame supports up to 500lbs 
  • High visibility of your camp with 3 doors and 3 large zippered windows 
  • Durable, micro-weave black mesh window screens keep the no-see’um bugs out and provide great views to bring the outside in, or seal up when you need privacy. 
  • Gas shock strut arms allows for quick set up and structural integrity even in windy conditions 
  • Low height adds minimal wind noise and drag. 
  • 100% recycled thermal regulating/even mattress pad offers comfort and support 
  • Patented modular design delivers higher quality at a lower price 
  • 2-3 person & dog sleeping capacity 
  • ***Ladder and vehicle not included.

Like Reading? Even More Details!
The BA Tents’ NEW for 23′ Packout™ Tent is designed to look like a tactical backpack on top of your rig. This new tent follows our philosophy of “lightweight and thin” are better for gas mileage, wind noise and overall handling of your vehicle on and off the road.  This NEW PACKOUT™ Tent weights only 90lbs for the standard size and 100lbs for the larger size and at only 3″ thin will allow most vehicles to pull into residential garages and parking structures without having to remove the rooftop tent.
Our new for 23′, Mika Grey 400 denier ripstop fabric, is extra sturdy with an Iridescence shade of copper to it. The ripstop pattern adds texture and depth to the fabric, while the coppery grey color gives it a sleek and modern feel that blends well with the outdoors.  The fabric has a satin finish that is both durable and extra water-resistant with the interior blackout coating, making it an excellent for all season use.
The Rhinotek® top cover is highly durable and designed to withstand even the harshest of outdoor conditions, from Colorado freeze to the melting Arizona sun. This heavy-duty PVC-coated polyester fabric, which is laminated with a rubberized coating that makes it 100% waterproof, won’t rip or tear – even with branches dragging across it. The dark charcoal color of the cover gives it a sleek and modern appearance, while the texture of the rubberized surface adds both style and functionality.
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1 review for NEW! PACKOUT™ Rooftop Tent – MADE IN THE USA!

  1. Joe Young

    Finally, a light and DIY assemble roof top tent. I purchased the hi cap version and included a ladder. I have installed this RTT on my 2023 JLU Rubicon with 35 inch tires and using 4 rack bars from SMSParts Exposed Rack. Reason why I chose this tent is because of the Jeep’s limitation. The weight on the roof is very low.

    The DIY install. Was not too bad. I had a little hiccup with one bar which I was able to have the nut go in without issues thanks to support. If you know about 80/20 aluminum this will be fun for you. I highly recommend asking questions as Bad ass support is excellent.

    So far, I have used the tent 3 times and have been driving around for a few months now. Even with the light weight tent the jeep still fills top heavy but my mileage has not suffered. I am still getting about 17 to 18mpg.

    The only issue currently with the jeep is the ladder, I’m not too sure if bad ass will eventually add a longer attachment. If I use the current clip on location my ladder will be at a 45 degree angle which puts a lot of stress on the ladder and bends down hitting the gutter area of the jeep its still usable but I don’t recommend it. Another option is to use the Jeep gutter to hang the ladder which this is what my option was, but because the ladder hanger has metal it will scratch the gutter. Best to put some rubber protection on the hanger. I used some sticky cushion temporarily. I am still finding a solution so far thats how I get up onto the tent. I didn’t deduct the star here cause I feel its more of a Jeep problem.

    Open and Closing the Tent. It’s definitely easy to open and close the tent. I say 30 seconds to open and 1 min to close really. The hard part is to close it with pressing the rubber as my issue is my rack is somewhat in the way.

    Material, Padding and Zippers. If fully closed it still gets somewhat chilly on colder days. The material and it’s definitely blackout. The rubberize cover is great but I feel it could have been better made as some of the areas are not perfect. Hence this is why I deducted the star. The button in the rear doesn’t close up, but i feel this doesn’t need to be there. The front middle has a lot of slack. The bed padding. Its good enough for me but a lot of other users will probably want more padding. Zippers work great and needs a little getting use to when opening the mesh window vs opening it. Tip. Always keep the zipper low. Otherwise if your not tall enough its not easy to get to the top to pull down the zipper.

    Overall its a really good product and light tent. The pricing is slightly lower thanks to the savings of DIY.

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